• Developer: Scarecrow Arts, Based Around the World

  • Founded: May 2015

  • Title: "The Story Goes On"

  • Release Date: February 2018

  • Website: scarecrowarts.com

  • Promotional assets: .zip

The Story Goes On is a game developed by a close-knit group of friends. Those friends formed Scarecrow Arts; at the beginning a freelance motion graphics company, but later transitioned into a full blown indie game studio when the founder Malcolm submitted a prototype to Steam Greenlight showing a very positive reception. In reality it wasn’t all that great, at least not in its current state.

Flash-forward a couple months when a young programmer from Sweden contacted Malcolm over his Reddit post on the game’s Early Access launch. Almost immediately Anton began making improvements to the code and joined the team officially, taking over the coding. Some time later Malcolm contacted a few YouTube friends, including Brandy, asking them to write a review and make a video about the game as the two members of Scarecrow Arts were preparing its final release with an HD Update in September 2015.

Brandy cited fun aspects of the game in his review, however he thought the game was a long way from finished. At the beginning he only submitted a few sprites and bug reports, but his contributions grew quickly as he went on to co-write the story with Malcolm and extend development for another two years so the team could implement a plethora of new mechanics and pre-built dungeon sections. Each time the three team members came close to a release date a new opportunity arose, this time a deal with Microsoft as an Xbox One exclusive!